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It Happens Every Four Years

Nope.  I’m not gonna tell you who I’ll vote for in this election.  Not what this post is about.  I’m so grateful that we, as a nation have the freedom and wherewithal to elect our Commander-In-Chief.  I need to remember how we were formed – through the blood, sweat, and many shed tears of our ancestors, through the many battles hard-fought and hard-won on both our native soil and foreign battlefields, and through the many, many elections we have held on these precious shores.  There’s a reason why so many nations attempt to emulate our election processes.  They work.  And Thank God they do.

However, I’m about as politically savvy as a post-hole.  It would take a year of intense study for me to understand the political processes involved in electing our President.  I’ll rely on the political process to work, and I’ll exercise my precious right to vote.  I do have an opinion, though.  I don’t see the burning need for these so-called debates between a sitting President and an opponent.  Debates just make both parties seem mean and TESTY.  They are nothing but “civil” verbal brawls.  There’s just this sense of a boxing match – shake hands and come out swinging.  So, I’ve purposed not to watch, ever, any more, a political debate.  My freedom.  My choice.  And before you skewer me on not knowing where the candidates stand, I DO know how to read, and I DO pay attention to results.

I will say this about campaigning for anything – be it a candidate for any office, from the mayor, to the governor, to the President.  You can promise me anything, but I won’t believe until you deliver.  Forever and ever, amen.


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