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Happy Fall, Y’all!

This morning is the perfect example of why we relocated to very sunny, southern Alabama.  It’s 66 degrees under that pretty blue sky we’ve come to expect for this area and the daytime temp should be in the low 80s with low humidity.  Gorgeous.  The cat’s even enjoying the screened porch, having been cooped up inside because of the smothering humidity and blistering highs of the past summer months.  It’s lovely to open all the doors out to the porch and enjoy that cool breeze wafting through.  We so enjoy these days.  We read all the Facebook posts from our friends back north in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, touting the beautiful fall and crisp temps they are having, but we haven’t been living here long enough to get nostalgic about those places.  After all, having lived in some of those places ourselves over the years, we’ve got lots of pictures we could pull out to refresh our own memories.

But, it’s really winter that brought us down here.  My husband simply got tired of shoveling snow at our home in West Virginia.  So, we sold the house and moved south, me anticipating living closer to family in Tennessee and he looking toward the beaches.  Well, we overshot my mark and ended up fifteen miles from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  I don’t regret it one bit.  I found out those highways that brought us down here, take us back north just as easily.

We might not get those beautiful fall colors down here, but we compensate for them by the much more temperate climate.  And that was the significant draw for us.  We still anticipate those cold spells – I still have my heavy parka – but we know those spells will be shorter.  So, Happy Fall, Y’all, wherever you are!


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Hurricane Isaac and anniversaries

I live in southern Alabama – southwestern Baldwin County – we’re out of danger now, with the evac’s lifted.  But the wind’s still blowing and the rain’s still falling and the roads south to the beaches are still closed so we’re not out of this just yet.  The threat of tornadoes and flash floods keeps most folks here grounded in their homes.  While we’re safe here, we pray earnestly for the safety of those folks west of us in Mississippi and Louisiana.  I have lived long enough to know that anniversaries don’t just mark happy times.  Today’s the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the folks in New Orleans probably don’t want to be reminded, even visually, of what happened after that fateful, hateful day.  Platitudes can only go so far, but prayer goes forever.  You have my prayers.

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