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Higher Education and Football

Well.  There goes the newest group of college freshmen!  Don’t they look cute…and scared spitless!!  Heehee!!  Poor kids – they didn’t see the knowledge bus that hit them!

That got me to thinking of extended families – both mine and my husband’s – and where we all ended up going to college.  We’re all over the place – California, Texas, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia.  So, what’s a good girl gonna do when it comes to supporting her favorite collegiate football team?  (I’m not EVEN going to mention pro football.)  I decided to try to list them (not in any kind of order – so don’t go trying to knock any sense into me – it is what it is) and see what I came up with.

So.  We’ve got UT (and yes, that’s University of Texas AND University of Tennessee), Clemson, Georgia Tech, USC (Go Trojans!), University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, Liberty, West Virginia University (welcome to the Big 12!), Bob Jones University (wait – do they have football??), and that’s just a few.  With all the hoopla leading up to SEC night (tonight??) on Facebook, all I see is UT this and WVU that!  Bright orange, purple and gold!   Can’t you just see those colors on the gridiron…at the same time?  Eeeww.

Naturally, when we moved to sunny, very southern Alabama last year, my daddy told me I had to make a choice – either Auburn University or Alabama so I did the big girl thing and said no.  No, I couldn’t choose, I’d take both, since no one in our families had graced either of these prestigious and hallowed halls of footballery fame with their presence.  Of course, neither did I, but that’s beside the point.  The point is, I can’t just choose one – so I think the wisest thing for me to do is not root for anyone and just enjoy the stuffing out of all the rivalry!  What a hoot!

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